Municipality of Aglantzia (AGLANTZIA)

Aglantzia is an urban municipality situated in the central part of Cyprus next to the capital Nicosia. The history of Aglantzia dates back as far as 3888 B.C., but the Municipality itself was founded in May 1986.
The Municipality of Aglantzia is in near Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. It is an indigenous municipality with an area of 31 square kilometers, of which 14 are agricultural land (occupied by Turkish troops since 1974).
Aglantzia has made much advancement during the last few years. Being spread out in the Greater Nicosia area, Aglantzia still has great development potential and, due to her big green spaces and municipal parks, it is justifiably called the green municipality of Cyprus. The residential area of Aglantzia is located on the highest attitude in Nicosia and the city of Aglantzia combines old with new with a unique renovated historic center.
The town has a population of 23,000 and its economy is mainly based on the Services sector (The University of Cyprus, the National television and many banks have their bases in Aglantzia). Aglantzia has been working on European projects, mainly in the field of intelligent energy and Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. Μr Αndreas Constantinou was elected Mayor of Aglantzia in 2020 elections.
Annual activities: Aglantzia Festival (various cultural events), Aglantzia Jazz Festival , Carnival Parade
Points of interest: National Forest Park of Athalassa, the “Skali” Cultural Centre, the Campus of the University of Cyprus, municipal parks and green spaces.
Projects of interest: e-government, intelligent energy, cultural activities, efficient waste management “Pay as you throw”, reviving old city center etc., municipal gardens.