New research campaign within the context of the Edu4Climate project

Research scientists of CARE-C at the Cyprus Institute, in collaboration with representatives of RAYMETRICS, partners of the Edu4Climate Horizon project (coordinated by CARE-C), have completed a new research campaign, as part of the Edu4Climate’s objective to co-develop innovative environmental products and services with surrounding ecosystems, in order to address climate-relevant challenges across the EMME region. The campaign took place on 8-31 May, 2024.

A CARE-C team, led by Associate Research Scientist, Dr Maria Kezoudi,  and members of the Cyprus Atmospheric Observatory (CAO) and the Unmanned Systems Research Laboratory (USRL) facilities of the Centre, collected data using sensors on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), which were flown at air pollution hotspots in Cyprus. This data will be used to validate new, advanced PMeye lidar technology, which will then be utilised to enhance the accurate measurement of emissions in real-world environmental monitoring scenarios, such as ship plumes and emissions from power plants.

The campaign was organised within the context of the Edu4Climate Horizon programme. The Edu4Climate Consortium received funding of €2 million from the European Commission’s Horizon Europe Coordination & Support Action (CSA) “European Excellence Initiative” (EEI) programme (under grant agreement no. 101071247) for the establishment of a European Higher Education Institutions Network for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences.

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